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Surface Mounted Lift & Hold

Surface Mounted Lift & Hold Mechanism (SMLH)

Simple - Effective

Mechanises lifting and prevents cutter from moving during operation so increases the effectiveness of clamping and improves performance.


The SMLH is the simplest way to integrate the Javelin Series 2 into a standard workbench as it affixes directly to an existing bench. The cutter slots on an off the mechanisms in seconds so the Javelin is always available to be used as a portable unit when needed.


Supplied as a set of two mechanisms – Left & Right


Can be used with the following Keencut Cutters

  • Javelin Series 2
  • Javelin Xtra
  • Javelin Original
  • Practik
  • MAX
Surface Mounted Lift & Hold

Surface Mounted Lift & Hold

The simple way to integrate an existing cutter bar into any workbench or table

Product code: SMLH


  • Javelin Series 2 - All sizes
  • Javelin Xtra - All sizes
  • Javelin Original - All sizes
  • Practik - All sizes
  • MAX - All sizes

Order this and other Javelin Accessories directly from your preferred Keencut reseller or through the Keencut Spare Parts Section.