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V-Groove Blades

Replacement V-Groove Blades

For Optional SteelTraK V-grooving Tool 

  • Pair with the SteelTraK V-groove Attachment for fast, easy and economical construction of sign trays, self-standing displays, exhibition stands and boxes
  • Use on printed or unprinted aluminium composite and PVC foamboard without debris or rough, burred edges
  • Cuts smoothly and silently without electrical power



  • Product Code: STVGB
  • Fits onto STVG2-STVG6 V-groove attachments
  • Manufactured from top quality, hardened, high-carbon tool steel
  • One size blade fits all V-Groove Attachments
  • Blades available in packs of five 


Designed to fit the following Keencut Machines:

  • SteelTraK 165cm-65"
  • SteelTraK 210cm-82”
  • SteelTraK 250cm-98”

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V-Groove Blades

Replacement blades for SteelTraK V-grooving Tool 

  • Product Code: STVGB
  • Easiest and most economical way to construct a sign-tray
  • One size fits all 
  • Manufactured from top quality hardened high-carbon tool steel
  • Blades supplied in packs of five 


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Heavy Duty Vertical Cutter for Signmakers & Printers-Up to 2.5m cut length-For DiBond, PVC Foamboard, Acrylic & more-Zero debris-Superb build quality & low maintenance-Easy operation under heavy load

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SteelTrak V-Groove Attachment

A fast, simple & economical way to construct sign trays, self-standing displays & boxes from printed or unprinted DiBond & PVC foamboard. No debris or rough edges. Available for thickness of 2mm-6mm

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SteelTraK Glass Cutting Kit

For specialist glass cutting applications simply add the STGLC - Safely score & break-out glass directly on the machine. One size - Use with all sizes and models of SteelTraK - Max cut length 165cm

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SteelTraK Squaring Arm Extension

Extend the left hand side of any SteelTraK by 700mm - Provides additional support for large boards - Comes complete with all fixings

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SteelTraK Aluminium Cutting Head (STALC)

Accessory for the SteelTraK range - cut Aluminium sheet up to 1mm in a single pass - high carbon hardened steel wheels - quick and easy to fit - no debris

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Free Standing Kit

Free Standing Kit for SteelTraK & Excalibur - All models - Ideal when wall space is limited or flexibility of machine placement is required