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Evolution E2 Bench

The new Evolution 2 Bench is designed to accommodate the Evolution-E2 to create a practical and versatile cutting installation in any workshop. 

Evolution 2 Bench features an aluminium base plate along the front edge which enables quick and easy fitting of the Evolution-E2 cutter bar. Unlike the original Evolution Bench there is no need to fit two worktops to the bench; once the Evolution-E2 is installed an 18mm worktop can be fitted using the included fixing brackets and the bench will then be ready to use (worktop not included).

Designed using the Keencut PROTEUS system of leg and beam extrusions, the Evolution 2 Bench can be extended to provide greater work space or integrated with an existing Proteus workbench system. With a total depth of 133cm the Evolution 2 Bench provides ample layout space and the unique design of the Evolution-E2 allows it to be swung under the edge of the Evolution 2 Bench when not in use.

Design & Construction:

  • High tensile aerospace aluminium alloy construction
  • High grade anodising for clean good looks and lifetime durability
  • Unique joint locking system provides a secure and rigid work bench

EB Bench without top




PLEASE NOTE: Evolution-E2 cutter bar and worktop not included.  


Evolution E2 Bench

Outstanding Features:

Evolution E2 Bench - The perfect companion for the versatile Evolution E2 Cutter 


Produced using the Keencut PROTEUS framework system

  • Strong compatible leg & beam extrusions
  • Unique assembly technique provides a secure and rigid work bench
  • Designed for ease of assembly
  • Concealed internal fixings
  • Fully customisable
  • High grade anodising for clean good looks and lifetime durability
  • Assembly tools included  

Adjustable Feet

  • Included with: BB, CB & EB Benches
  • Adjustable for precise bench levelling on uneven floors
  • Maintain flatness to obtain maximum, uncompromised accuracy

Work-top fixing brackets

  • Create the ideal bench surface using a variety of worktop fixings (worktop not included)
  • Any bench or table unit can be fitted with a glass top; requires the optional white silicone cord and four extra end caps

Unique joint Locking system 

  • When tightened the conical fixing screws create their own recess in the twin web of the leg or beam for double safety under heavy load
  • Strong leg and beam extrusions allow for many different configurations in size and shape
  • Internal locking brackets enhance the smooth appearance and allow for solid panels to be fitted without obstruction
  • Made from high tensile aerospace aluminium alloy

Integral Aluminium Base

  • The EB Bench comes complete with framework and aluminium base for quick and easy mounting of the Evolution E2


Designed specifically for the Evolution E2 Cutter Bar

  • The Evolution Bench incorporates the Keencut PROTEUS framework system which enables fast and easy construction with all necessary tools included

Extension Kits – Optional

  • Available for all sizes of Evolution Bench
  • Two depths:
    • Extend bench depth by 71cm (28") using the Small Extension Kit
    • Extend bench depth by 129cm (52") using the Large Extension Kit

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Evolution E2

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