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Resources for Discontinued Machines


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Please find here a selection of resources to support Discontinued Keencut Machines


It is Keencut policy to maintain an inventory of all spares parts that we consider might be required for at least ten years after any model has been discontinued. The availability of spare parts for machines more than ten years old can be checked by referring to the Spare Parts section for information. If the parts are not available it may be possible to upgrade part of the machine to a later model in order to restore it to full working condition.

If in doubt about parts availability or how to upgrade your existing machine please e-mail the Keencut Sales team and a member of staff will be pleased to help. 


Need to identify which mount cutter you have?



Supplies of spare parts may be limited. Please refer to the list below for guidance:



The following machines have been replaced by newer models within the last 10 years.

Parts, blades and accessories are still available: 

If you cannot find the specific parts you require for your discontinued Keencut Machine please CONTACT US with details of your requirements. 



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